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For Woman Entrepreneurs

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  • Professional Accounting and Advisory Services for Woman Entrepreneurs

    Her CPA is a Native, woman-owned accounting firm specializing in mapping YOUR unique path to money freedom, and wealth creation!

    We are committed to empowering woman entrepreneurs with foundational financial knowledge and with the implementation of our proven three-part methodology; we provide audit-ready books, financial statement analysis, and accounting strategies designed to keep your business profitable and sustainable for the long-run.

    Our virtual model keeps costs down and allows us to services clients throughout the United States. We invite you to book your Complimentary Discovery Call.


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    Our Services:

    As an entrepreneur your foremost priority is driving profit and fostering growth. Yet, staying abreast of your financial landscape and ensuring you’re in line with tax regulations is of equal significance.

    At Her CPA, we equip you with the insights and guidance necessary for all your financial related concerns. Our expertise extends to delivering audit-ready books, comprehensive financial statement analyses, and tailored accounting strategies.

    With us by your side, you’re ready to make decisions that not only safeguard but also optimize your profitability and sustainability for the future.


    Clean Up / Catch Up

    Clean Up / Catch Up

    Bookkeeping / Accounting

    Bookkeeping / Accounting

    Advisory Services

    Advisory Services

    Our Three-Part Methodology

    Step 1:

    To elevate those profits and strengthen that cash flow, let’s first anchor your foundation and crystallize your vision.

    Here we clean-up/catch up on your bookkeeping and dive deep into your data.

    Only when this is completed and there is complete clarity for you and for us, do we move onto…


    Step 2:
    Performance & Reports

    Present you with data-rich, timely, and comprehensive insights.

    Our financial reports are:

    a) Crafted just for entrepreneurs like you,
    b) Crystal clear in presentation, and
    c) Built to illuminate opportunities ahead.

    Together, we’ll chart the path to your business brilliance!


    Step 3:
    Advisory & Growth

    While bookkeeping records are the past, our focus is on harnessing that history to amplify your financial future!

    It’s all about using insights to meet and even surpass those income aspirations.

    With your foundational reporting in place, we’re set to guide you on the exact steps to boost your business’s profits and prowess.
    Together, let’s let your business shine even brighter!



    What our Clients are Saying About Us


    Navigating the entrepreneurial waters was daunting until I found Her CPA. Their precision and insights have
    been life-changers for my business. A genuine lifesaver for entrepreneurs like me who value clarity and trust.

    Diana K.

    Speaking to Amber was so refreshing. I've talked to a couple accountants and this was the first time I felt heard.
    She made me feel at ease and gave me the space to ask questions and had so much helpful insight and feedback.
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and time!

    Clarissa F.

    Amber was very knowledgeable and patient in explaining matters to me as a new business owner. She helped me
    better understand my financial circumstances and provided trustworthy advisement based on my current business standing.

    Mary D.R.

    As a mom and entrepreneur, my life can be overwhelming. Her CPA provided more than bookkeeping; they provided insights that helped
    me make the right decisions. Highly recommended them for any entrepreneur seeking bookkeeping and advisory services.

    Alicia S.

    After bouncing around to several rude and impersonal services I can across Amber...
    I was blown away at how friendly and knowledgeable she was.. Super happy!

    Cindy K.

    Affordable and fast. Couldn't ask for better service.
    Lifelong customer!

    Carl L.

    I can't believe how easy it was. I was dreading this
    whole process... Amber did it all!

    David P.