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Vision & Values

At Her CPA, we define prosperity as the ability for individuals to achieve wealth and success. We see accountants not just as number crunchers or bean counters, but as financial catalysts, changemakers, and financial empowerment educators!

We’re dedicated to nurturing the upcoming wave of accounting professionals and providing female entrepreneurs with essential financial insights and knowledge. This evens the business landscape, because when women thrive, it creates a ripple effect of growth in our communities and prosperity in our economies.

Our mission and vision transcend mere figures. It’s about crafting a future where every woman, no matter her origins, is equipped with the financial acumen to chase her entrepreneurial aspirations.

With us, you’re building a future, turning visions into achievements, and celebrating prosperity together!


* Trustworthy * Diligence * Financial Empowerment * Social Impact

Her CPA Owner & Founder

Amber Hillis Parker, CPA

Amber was born and raised on the Navajo Nation and is of the Towering House People born for The One Who Walks Around. Amber is a licensed CPA in the state of New Mexico and has over a decade in the accounting field. She has worked in different capacities as an auditor, accounting supervisor, agency director, business manager and controller managing financials from $150 thousand to $132 million.

License: Certified Public Accountant (CPA), NM Public Accountancy Board

Education: BA, Accounting, Fort Lewis College ; BAA, Finance, Fort Lewis College

Specialty : Helping woman entrepreneurs.

We understand that growing your business comes with its unique hurdles, and as a female entrepreneur, there are added layers of challenges. This is why we offer tailored solutions to ensure our clients achieve their aspirations. Our aim is to equip you with the tools, insights, and backing you need to rise above any obstacles – because success knows no boundaries!

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